How to Keep Bees Away From Your Outdoor Playset

Do you want to know how to keep bees away from your outdoor playset?

Well, today in this post I am going to share how to keep bees away from your outdoor playset.

Children like to play outside. Why wouldn't they do it anyway, right? Fresh air, plenty of space to run and crawl around, exciting things, and enjoy the outdoor placet. However, the fun and excitement can easily be reduced by the swarm of bees attacking their children. Not only can bee stings cause severe allergic reactions, but they can also cause d*ath if the victim does not receive prompt and proper therapy.

To avoid such accidents, you must keep bees out of your garden, especially in areas near the outdoor playsets.

How to Keep Bees Away From Your Outdoor Playset

Here are some ways to help you keep bees away from your outdoor playset.

Keep clean garden

If you want to prevent bees from nesting near an outdoor placet, then you need to see that your garden is always kept clean. This means trimming bushes along with regularly mowing the lawn. This means cutting down tree branches as well as removing any stagnant water. Remember, bees love the grass garden. They hide in the tall grass to rest, and they also collect nectar from the flowers. By keeping the grass short, you are making it difficult to see your garden as the perfect place for them to nest.

Perfect place for an outdoor playset

There are places where you should not set up an outdoor playset. For one, do not install it near water. Bees require water, and they will try to build a nest where one is nearby. If you place the outdoor source near the water source, you can put children at risk for bee stings.

You should also check that the outdoor placet is away from the litter box, especially those that have no cover. Bees can easily find rotting fruits as well as sweet liquids. They are easily attracted by the sweet fragrance of fruits, juices, soda, etc. If there are litter bins around, check that they have covers. Make sure that their lids are covering the litter box well so as not to attract the attention of the bees.

Use a bee repellent

Another way you can keep bees away is to grow bee-protected plants in your garden. Some of the plants that can grow include lemongrass as well as citronella. You can plant wormwood as well as eucalyptus. Their strong smell not only replicates bees but also wasps.

This will help a lot if you use a bee repellent spray on your children before playing outside. Just check that the product you are going to use is safe for children and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. If you wish, you can also make your homemade bee-repellent spray such as water with tea tree oil with peppermint oil. You can put a little bit of these oils on your children's wrists, above their heads, and even on their clothes.

Hire Pest Control Company

If your garden is infested with bees and you cannot locate their nests, simply hire a reliable pest control company. There are companies out there that provide green solutions to bee problems, and these are safe not only for children but also for the environment.

So today's post is just that, hope you liked this post and also learned how to keep bees away from the outdoor playset. Please share this post.


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